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Norske Skog AS, Skien




Posted 08.jun.2010

Frydenborg utsmykning

This piece hangs on the wall just inside the entrance of Frydenborgsenteret in Risr. The piece was commisioned by the City of Risr. Ii is four hollow tubes in stoneware that has been woodfired and sandblasted. The sandblasting brings out the hidden inside; raw but silky on the touch.

The entrance of Frydenborgsenteret, Risr


The piece outside the entrance of Frydenborgsenteret consist of 14 hollow tubes, woodfired in my old kiln in Risr. All color and pattern is due to the dance of the flames, flying ash and the atmosphere in the kiln.

Posted 08.jun.2010

Flosta skole, Arendal

Posted 08.jun.2010