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Posted 08.jun.2010

Risr Anagama Kiln

This anagama style kiln was built during a workshop in 2000 where we invited Chester Nealie from Australia (he's actually from New Zeland) and John Neely from Utah, USA. We built and fired this kiln in 3 weeks and the workshop culminated in a 3 hour exhibition. The kiln have been used several times since then.

Posted 08.jun.2010

1350 grader i smia

"1350 Grader i Smia" was a workshop and exhibition that resulted in a exhbition at galleri Smia in Kristiansand. We built and fired a ceramic fiber kiln up to 1350 Degrees celsius. The project was initiated by Roald Andersen d.y. who owned the gallery. Participants was; Roald Andersen d.y., Frode Holgersen, Vidar Grnnerud, Gro Suvatne Augland, Terje Skognes, Eirik Gjedrem og Svein Narum.

Posted 08.jun.2010