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Edvard Munch in Snow and Ice Oslo 2011

Call for Artists,



For The World Ski Championships 2011 in Oslo we will create a breathtaking exhibition in snow and ice on the main street of Oslo; Karl Johan. We are inviting you to send a proposal of a sculpture in snow or ice using the work of Edvard Munch. You will have to transform Munchs 2-dimensional work into 3-dimentional. The sculpture must interpret his work as close to his intent as possible.

The exhibition area will be between The Royal Castle and the Parliament. The exhibition will be in the street close to large and architecturally very "present" buildings. That means we have to work in a scale that makes them visible, and at the same time approachable on the other hand. We will make snow blocks to carve on site and  ice will come in blocks that you assemble into your preferred size for carving. We make snow in cubes of 3*3*3 meters, expandable in sections of 1.5 meter and 3 meters. We consider snow sculptures around 4.5 meters in height to be desirable. Final selection of artists will be made by the Artistic Committee of "Oslo 2011", their decision is final.

Currently we are looking for 8-12 artists to make one sculpture each. You are free to select and make a proposal of any work by Edvard Munch, but we are also looking for a "Madonna" and a "Scream". If you propose a "Scream" in ice it would be expected that it is made on a pedestal that the viewer can walk up on and get his photograph taken, but large enough to be seen at a long distance.

We wonder if any would like to take the challenge of making a long bridge 9-15 meters in snow with "the girls on the bridge" in ice on top, maybe with a blue glowing sea underneath? The audience must be able to walk on the bridge.

We are open to projects using photograhs and ice.

We will have an experienced team with necessary tools ready to help you realize your project.

Safety for spectators are very important, as we are expecting 30 000 spectators each night. In your proposal please include your thoughts and considerations concerning this matter.  It is important that the sculptures can be viewed and touched. Hopefully the sculptures will stand during the whole event which ends on march 6th, so take this into consideration while planning your sculpture.

We start working the snow and ice on the  17th of February. The  sculptures must be finished by midnight on  the 23rd of February.


Schedule of Events

NOVEMBER 1ST 2010                                  Deadline for proposal

17th of February 2011                                  Arrival in Oslo; Chech in and Introdution to Project

17th of February                                             Start making snow cubes. Ice arrives. Start working

23rd of February @ 2400 hrs.                    Sculptures finished. Clean up around the sculptures


Your proposal must include:

Your name



5 pictures of previous work in snow/ice

Picture of  Edvard Munch piece you are working with

Drawings of your proposal from different angels or a model

What you require as far as tools, helping hands, snow and ice to successfully complete your work.

Safety considerations, also during melt down.

Light requirements

Back-up plan in case of severe weather conditions


Terms of Condition:

Honorarium of up NOK 40 000.- (That must include all your travel costs)

Free room and board during  the project

2 excellent and experienced assistants that we provide or you can bring your own team. If you bring your own team we can provide them with a honorarium of NOK 10 000.-(must include their  travel expenses) each for up to 2 persons including room and board. If you bring more than 2 assistants you must provide for them yourselves.

We provide ordinary tools as shovels, axes, chainsaws(for the experienced only) and such.  Please bring your own personal tools as needed.  No ice carving tools available.

You are considered an independent contractor and must carry your own insurance in case of an accident.

Snow and ice will be provided on site, but you and your team must help out making the snow cubes and build the ice as you need. Necessary machinery will be on site, but consider the high demand the 1st 24 hours. You and your team are expected to help out in case needed when you are finished with your sculpture. The event is considered a team effort.

Project language is English/Norwegian

Send all questions and proposals to Project Manager; Ole Morten Rokvam on mail: olerokvam (at) or phone (47) 48 19 30 05

Mark all mail: SKI VM 2011






View of Karl Johan with the Royal Castle in the Background. On the left is the "University Plaza" where there will be concerts and ceremonies every night.  The streets will be closed for cars and we have 2 blocks to work with our sculptures.



Good Luck

Ole Morten

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Hovden 2007

Added pictures from Hovden 2007. Rearanged entries in chronological order: 2007 - 2010


Hovden 2010 still missing. Will get pictures ready soon.


Still more testing to be done.

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Snøskulptur  Hovden , Norway

January 23-30th       2011

Application Deadline October 30th. 2010

We invite  professional, experienced and beginner snow/ice sculptors to participate in our sculpture project in the mountains of Norway, at Hovden in Setesdal.  We are building an annual snow sculpture exhibition of high artistic standard and aim to become the leading resource centre for snow and ice sculpture in Northern Europe.  Snøskulptur Hovden is a project organized by Bykle Kommune, Destinasjon Hovden AS, Agder Kunstnersenter and Project Manager Ole Morten Rokvam. 2011 will be our 9th year.

We are looking for experienced, intermediate and beginner Snow and Ice Sculptors;  Apply for one of the 3 categories:

1. Experienced Snow/Ice Sculptors. We are looking for artists with experience in making snow and ice sculptures that can lead and teach a small team of artists in making one stunning sculpture.  Apply with images of previous work in snow and ice. Enclose at least one drawing or model of sculpture for Hovden. We are also open for suggestions on special projects like integrating photo and ice. We offer you honorarium of NOK 17 000, transportation (Max NOK 3000), room and board. We will pick your 2 assistants.


You are responsible for:

Teach your team necessary skills to make your idea come through. Teach about the material and how to work the tools safely. It is important that you are able to communicate your ideas and techniques so that you  include your team in the creation of your sculpture. You must give one  lecture on your previous work in snow and ice. Snøskulptur Hovden will provide the most commonly used tools, but please bring your own special tool. We accept no proposals from artists without previous experience in snow or ice in this category, please apply for intermediate or beginner.

2. Intermediate Snow/Ice Sculptors. We are looking for artists with previous experience in snow and ice that would like to learn more before they take on their own project. You will be assigned to work on a team with one of the professional snow/ice artists assisting in the creation of one sculpture. We offer you transportation of maximum NOK 1000, lectures, free room and board. All participants must be in good health as work is physically challenging.

3. Beginner Snow/Ice Sculptors.We are looking for artists with a keen interest in getting first hand experience in working with snow and ice sculptures. Our intent is to build  your skills and experience so you return another year with your own proposal!  We offer you a daily lecture on snow and ice, free room and board. All participants must be in good health as work is physically challenging.


This year we plan to build 10 sculptures in snow and ice. There will be prefabricated blocks of packed snow ready to be worked (3*3*3meters, special sizes can be arranged) and ice. We will also have a lunch lecture every day made by the professional artists.



All sculptures will be located at the Centre of Hovden.

Check out Hovden at or

Your proposal must include:

-          Your Name

-          Address/phone/email

-          Category you apply for; Experienced, intermediate or beginner

-          Describtion of your sculpture.  If you are experienced and apply with your own project

-          5 pictures of earlier works/projects in snow/ice

-          If you have no former experience include pictures of current work and statement of    intent

-          resume

-          special requirements


The Artistic  Committee at Agder Kunstnersenter selects all artists. Their decision is final.

Schedule of events:

January 23 rd.                   Arrive at Hovden by 5 pm. Introduction to the event.

January 24th Work begins

Jauary 28th at 10 pm.      All sculptures must be finished

January 29th at 5 pm.      Opening followed by opening dinner and party.

January 30th.                      Departure

Please send all proposals to Project Manager: Ole Morten Rokvam

Mark: Application Hovden 2011

For more info please contact Ole Morten Rokvam : Mark all mail Hovden 2011

Application Deadline October 30th. 2010


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